Daily Topic for December 08, 2010

Isaiah 66:21
“…And I will select some of them also to be priests and Levites,” says the Lord.

In this climax to one of the longest books of the Bible, God speaks of the peoples He will gather to Himself. People groups who have “not heard of my fame or seen my glory” such as the Libyans were specifically mentioned. There will be Libyan followers of Christ, and some of them will even be priests!

Pray in faith that God’s Word will soon be fulfilled, and Libyan Arabs will embrace the true Lord, and offer their services to Him.

Libyan Arabs in Egypt

by PE

The three teen-age cousins raced through the house on the outskirts of Cairo. They were finally reunited after years of separation. Chatter, sprinkled with gales of laughter, erased all differences in their lifestyles. The host was Omar, a Libyan Arab youth, and the eldest son of the local magistrate in Cairo.

His two cousins, Ahiram and Mesha, were also Libyan Arabs who live in the desert countryside outside of Alexandria. They have heard of the Internet, but they had never tried it themselves. That is true for most Libyans in Egypt, a people who live in the area from the edge of Alexandria to the Libyan border to Egypt’s west. Their family is semi-stationary, farming a small plot and raising sheep and goats. They travel to graze the flocks, but soon return to their home. The brothers were speechless at the demonstration Omar gave on his new computer. Imagine talking to people on the other side of the world through this small box!

Most Libyan Arabs in Egypt are either semi-nomadic, or completely nomadic, wandering with their camel herds wherever food and water take them. Will a follower of Christ reach out to Omar on the Internet? And who will reach out to the nomadic rural Libyan Arabs?

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Pray for the 344,000 Sunni Muslim Libyans in Egypt who have no known followers of Christ among them. Pray for willing workers, and that these Libyans will accept the salvation He offers through His Son.

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