Daily Topic for December 22, 2010

Matthew 2:2b
…We saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him.

The Gentile astrologers who traveled so many miles were determined to see the Savior of the world. Strange as it may seem, these people knew very little about the God of Abraham, yet they were willing to seek out the baby Jesus, at great peril to their safety. Could it be that there are people in today’s world from a Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist background who are also seeking the Savior?

Pray that frontier missionaries today will meet those who are seeking the truth and that the truth will set them free.

Levantine Arabs in Egypt

by WK

The Levantine Arab shepherd watched his flock of bleating sheep. He wondered how long his family could live on this parched land. The Negev was Israeli territory. At any time Jewish settlers could drive him off this land. The shepherd still considered himself to be Egyptian even though his homeland has been under Israeli control since 1948.

The Levantine Arabs live in the sensitive border region between Israel and Egypt. Wars in the past have prevented missionaries from taking the message of salvation to this people group. Harsh desert conditions have forced more and more Levantine Arab families to give up nomadic herding and settle down as farmers in Israeli refugee camps.

All Levantine Arabs in Egypt are Sunni Muslims. There are no known followers of Christ among them.

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Pray for continued peace between Israel and Egypt so that missionaries may reach out to this people group in safety. Ask God to open the hearts of the Levantine Arabs to Christ’s message of salvation. There is also an open door for community development workers to teach this people group better farming and herding methods, along with the gospel. Pray that God would lead faithful workers to reach out to them.

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