Daily Topic for March 16, 2012

John 17:23
May they be brought to complete unity to let the whole world know that you sent me...

Today, there are an estimated 8000 unreached people groups made up of 2.7 billion people. There are also millions of evangelicals whom God wants to use to reach the unsaved. Why is it that we have more than enough resources to reach people for Christ and still so many remain without the gospel? The answer is simple: lack of unified coordination! The prayer of Jesus for His Church was unity for the sake of mission. We can’t agree on everything, but all Bible-believing Christians should be able to agree on one thing: 2.7 billion people without access to the gospel is a priority for believers everywhere! If it’s not a priority, dare we call ourselves His followers?

Pray that this generation might take seriously the challenge of the remaining unreached peoples in our world.

Laz People in Georgia

by JWS

About 2,000 Laz people live in Georgia. According to the Joshua Project, “Their need for the gospel is great, but the tools to reach them are few.” They have no scripture in their language because the Laz language is unwritten. The JESUS Film has not been translated into Laz. There are no known evangelical believers. They are perishing every day without hearing the gospel. The Laz people desperately need our prayers!
Historically their way of life has been based on agriculture. Until the 1960s, their main export was hazelnuts. Since then, tea and tobacco have been introduced and widely cultivated. Other Laz people are fishermen and livestock breeders. Some still live semi-nomadic lives, herding their flocks up into the mountains during the summer and down into the lowlands in the winter. Many have migrated from the villages to the cities for better educational and job opportunities. The Laz people prize education so they send girls as well as boys to school. Some of their girls have even become businesspeople, doctors, and engineers.
Many Laz people speak Georgian and Turkish in addition to Laz, but Christian resources in Laz, their heart language, do not exist yet.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for the JESUS Film to be translated into their heart language. Pray that the Holy Spirit will instill a hunger for truth in the hearts of the Laz people that will lead them to Jesus Christ.

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