Daily Topic for February 06, 2010

Is. 58:10
If you spend yourselves on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.

There is significant overlap between the unreached people groups without a church in their midst and the hungry half of the world without adequate physical and material resources. Isaiah reminds us that the people of God are called not only to spend their money to feed the hungry, but also to “spend themselves,” to pour out their lives in sacrificial service to those oppressed.

Pray that our Gracious Father will teach us to spend ourselves on behalf of Landoma children who are desperately hungry both for bread and the Bread of Life.

Landoma People

by MB

Life for the average Landoma farmer is a vicious cycle. Using simple hand tools, the Landomas plant and cultivate a variety of crops. Yet when harvest time comes, the food is eaten before the next round of rice, corn or nuts comes in. This leads to many going into debt to buy more seed and for other expenses, which are then paid out of the next harvest season, leaving them without food or capital to get ahead. On special occasions, these people of Guinea might enjoy the meat of a chicken or a goat, but it is always short lived.

In areas of such poverty, communities become dependent on each other, using each other’s resources as if they were their own, and sharing what is theirs for the sake of the community. This dependence is not only for physical provisions. It extends even to the finding of a bride and relying on many relatives to plan and carry out a wedding ceremony.

In such a community-centered environment, the seed of the gospel might spread rather quickly. Unfortunately, the Landomas have few people to bring the message of the gospel to them. Like many other predominantly Islamic people groups, the Landomas profess Islam while practicing animism. They view Christianity as the religion of foreigners, not for Africans.

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Pray for missionaries with servant hearts to come into their villages and introduce them to the God who died for the sins of the Landoma people. Pray especially for workers among the Landoma children.

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