Daily Topic for November 26, 2010

Daniel 3:4-5
This is what you are commanded to do…you must fall down and worship the image of gold that King Nebuchadnezzar has set up.

Throughout history, many pretenders have contended for the allegiance of men’s hearts. Nebuchadnezzar sought to command worship of his gods, but Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused to join the crowds, and they risked their lives in doing so. In today’s world, those who dare to question the answers they have been given also risk their lives. But in order to find truth and salvation, someone from groups like the Lakis need to look beyond what they have always been taught.

Pray that there will be many from the Laki people who will seek and find Jesus.

Laki people of Iran

by JWS

“I am Reza, and my people are the Lakis. Did we descend from the Kurds or from the Luris of Iran? Scholars disagree. I know nothing of that, but I know who I am. I am proud to be the eldest son of Mohammad Tabari. Surely you have heard of him. He serves our country on the Guardian Council. (The Council oversees the Parliament and reviews legislation to make sure it complies with Sharia law.) We are faithful Muslims.

“My family and I recite the creed often. We pray five times a day, observe Ramadan and give to the poor. Perhaps by next year, I can afford to make the pilgrimage to Mecca. My father and my eldest son will go with me. I can hardly wait! As you can see, I am just like you. I try to do what is right. I want the best for my sons. I want them to have opportunities that I never had. Christians say that we live in the ‘10/40 window’ and that my people are among the ‘least reached.’ There are over one million of us in Iran. Won’t you come and explain to us how your God can be three persons in one? Maybe we could show you that the Qu’ran describes Allah, bless his name, and you will come to worship him with us.”

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Pray that the Holy Spirit will give the Laki people a desire to investigate the claims of Christ. Pray they would find their true identity in Him.

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