Daily Topic for March 24, 2012

John 3:21
But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what He has done has been done through God.

All over the world we find a continual quest for truth. God has revealed Himself to all nations through general revelation (creation). What is missing is the special revelation of God’s salvation in Jesus. John’s gospel tells us that those who are truly seeking after God will accept the special revelation of Jesus when they hear about it. Indeed, everything around us, when properly understood, is designed to point us to the Savior. Yet most of the world’s unreached peoples have yet to hear the revelation that will lead them to Jesus.

Pray that every people might know the truth that can set them free.

Kyrgyz People in Ukraine

by JS

Increasingly we see God moving people groups away from their traditional homelands. For example, some of the Kyrgyz people of Kyrgyzstan who were formerly nomads are now living in the Ukraine which is far away from their home country. Many of them long for their former lifestyle. They remember the mountains and grasslands where they herded their animals; they think of their white felt yurts (tents) which could be easily dissembled and moved from place to place. Kyrgyzstan was a far cry from the flat forested lands of the Ukraine and the confining buildings where they now reside. City living can’t compare with the freedom they experienced in Kyrgyzstan as they traveled virtually all year round searching for suitable pastureland.
But Kyrgyzstan offers little opportunity for its people to hear the gospel. The door is closed to missionaries, and it takes a special ministry to reach people who are always on the go. The good news is that the Ukraine has been dubbed the “Bible Belt” of the former USSR because of its rich Christian heritage. Churches and Christian resources are available there. Most Kyrgyz people are nominal Muslims still practicing ancestor worship. They do not have any deep roots in the faith. The Kyrgyz people did not accept Islam until about 100 years ago. They now have an opportunity to hear about Jesus.

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Pray for opportunities for them to be set free from the delusions of spirit worship and the false hope of Islam. Pray that many will come to know the abundant life through Jesus Christ.

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