Daily Topic for August 12, 2010

Acts 4:12
Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other Name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.”

People can build a good case against the institution of Christianity. They can point to excesses throughout church history. Others can rightfully point out the moral failures of nation states that are made up primarily of Bible believing Christians. But no one can honesty find fault with Jesus Christ! We are not taking Christianity to the nations, we are taking Christ to them.

Pray that the Kyerung people will soon understand that Jesus Christ is the only one who holds the keys to the Kingdom of God.

Kyerung People of Nepal

by PD

“Tashiteleg” (a Kyerung greeting meaning, “I recognize the divine qualities in you.”) “Did you bring pictures of our Dalai Lama? Please give us His picture so we will feel his spirit and no longer suffer from our bad deeds!” The Kyerung people hoped the American Christian visitors had brought pictures of their “divine” Buddhist leader.

The visitor replied, “We do not have the Dalai Lama’s picture. Instead we have a book and picture that will tell you about a man named Jesus who wants to give you freedom from your suffering. He came so we would learn how to live a good life here, and then when we die, this life will continue in Heaven. God sent Him. He died for our bad deeds and then He went to Heaven. You said, ‘tashiteleg’ to me, and this divineness in me is from God through the man Jesus.”

Most of the 4,300 Tibetan Buddhist Kyerung people live in the harsh environment of the Rasuwa District of Nepal. According to the Christian writer, Paul Hattaway, parts of the Bible are now available in the Kyerung language and about 32 percent of the people have been introduced to Jesus, but “few have understood the heart of the message.” There are tight governmental restrictions.

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Pray for the removal of spiritual obstacles so believers will have time to carefully explain who Jesus is to the Kyerung people.

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