Daily Topic for March 24, 2011

Luke 6:46
Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?

When we invite people to become part of the Kingdom of God, we usually mention Christ’s salvation and His lordship. They need faith that Jesus is the savior. But they also need the faith to obey Him. Lordship means just that: Jesus is the Lord, or “boss” so to speak, of His followers. We are calling the nations to a purposeful obedience that brings spiritual transformation to both the individual and the communities that they affect.

Pray that this very month, you will allow Christ to transform you. Pray that He will be Lord of your life, and the lives of people within your “people group.”

Kumandin Altai People

by PD

Slava, a Kumandin shaman, looked up at the sky as he stood at a sacred site by his village. He was telling his story to a group of visitors. “It was here several years ago that I entered the body of an eagle and flew into the heavens where I spoke to my father. He was a great shaman who was murdered by evil men who tried to destroy our people and culture. Secretly, I and many other Altais were instructed in shamanism. Now, it’s like the spirits of the earth and sky have opened wide for us, and once again we can feel the freedom of the spirits entering our bodies and souls. We are again alive! We have many problems like lack of food, jobs and education, but things are getting better because the spirits are alive.” Kumandin Altais have fought hard to keep their traditions, in spite of the Russian efforts to change them. In addition to Russian, most Kumandin Altais maintain their own language. Their villages are located in one of the most beautiful areas of northern Siberia, which is attracting a growing number of visitors, many seeking knowledge of shamanism. There are a few followers of Christ among the Kumandins. More Kumandin people are being attracted to the revived spirit worship and shamanism than to the church.

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Pray that God will saturate these people with His Word, His truth, His salvation, and His guidance, so they will no longer be in bondage to the emptiness of spirit worship and shamanism.

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