Daily Topic for February 23, 2010

Is. 25:7-9
The Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces…. In that day they will say, “Surely this is our God; we trusted in Him, and He saved us.”

Wherever there are small children, there will be tears. In the case illustrated in today’s story, a little girl is living with her aunt and uncle. Instead of being embraced as a family member, she is treated like a servant. Instead of being accepted for her position in the family, the girl must perform to earn her keep. That is something worth crying about!

Pray that such children will soon hunger for and find the unconditional acceptance of Christ and His family. Pray that the Kuka people will soon trust in their One True God for their salvation.

Kuka People of Chad

by PD

“Why are you crying Asma? You had better finish your work before Mufeeda finds you. She will be mad.” Asma was a Kuka orphan girl taken in by an aunt because both her parents had died. She was expected to do more work than the others.

Her cousin tried to encourage her by telling a story. “There is a Chadian story I heard about an orphan named Nidijema. Her name means ‘star.’ Nidijema worked very hard, grinding the millet, lighting the fire and getting water from the well just like you do. One day she ran away because life was so hard. She met death. Death told her, ‘Adorable little star! No one can escape life. Here on earth, happiness comes from your moral excellence!’” Her cousin then added, “You are a good girl Asma. I’m sure things will get better.”

About 134,000 Kukas are part of three ethnic groups called the Lisi living in central Chad. The other groups are the Bilaia and Medgo. They live in compact villages run by local chiefs. They are farmers and herders and do other work necessary for survival. They lack education and much needed medical attention. Deaths from illnesses take many young lives. Folk Islam is the religion of the Kukas. They have not been touched by the hope of God’s Word.

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Pray that Christian teachers and medical workers will soon bring the love of God to the Kuka people.

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