Daily Topic for February 04, 2011

Ecclesiastes 1:14
I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind.

Can you imagine going through life with this mindset? Everything is meaningless! Most peoples throughout history, including the Krio Fulbe, have lived and died with little or no purpose other than to survive. Doesn’t our loving Heavenly Father want more for us? He certainly does! You have found the most important purpose of all, to glorify His Name and to expand His Kingdom. Isn’t that worth telling others?

Pray that we will have the boldness to tell others of His meaningful purpose for life: to love God, and to make Him known.

Krio Fulbe People

by CH

Mossaka, a 12-year-old boy, knows a few Christians, but he is too distracted to even think about what they are doing. He has many other things on his mind. Mossaka belongs to a Fulbe subgroup known as the Krios that lives in Sierra Leone and Senegal. He is about to enter puberty, the time when a boy becomes a man and with help he builds his own home where he lives alone until marriage. Mossaka will carry on the traditions of his village. He will tend cattle and his wife will help him in the fields or take milk and cheese to market.

Some mission agencies work among the Fulbe peoples, but the number of followers of Christ among them is small, which is why we are praying for Fulbe subgroups all this month. Like most Fulbe, Mossaka’s mind and spirit are filled with Islam blended with tribal traditions of magic and divination. He prays for fertility so his herds will grow large. Mossaka carefully navigates crocodile-infested coastal swamps, or steep wooded coastal hills where humidity is very high. Unlike some Fulbe who have to deal with dry climates, the Krios live in a land where it rains nearly all the time and they have 200 inches of rain per year. He knows the village head who settles disputes, and he knows of the chief who guides several villages.

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Pray that God will send the Krio Fulbe leaders dreams and visions of Jesus so that they will know how powerful and kind he is.

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