Daily Topic for June 16, 2011

I Kings 8:27b
The heavens, even the highest heaven, cannot contain You. How much less this temple I have built!

King Solomon understood something that very few really understand. The one who created 300 sextillion stars cannot be contained in a man-made building, no matter how magnificent it looks to us! That same Creator can bring on monsoons, or drive them away as He sees fit.

Pray that the Kraol people will understand that they need to seek only the God of Solomon, who cannot be contained by any temple.

Kraol People

by EJD

Sambath, a small Kraol lad, woke up to the steady sound of monsoon rains. Rubbing his eyes with the last ounce of sleep still lingering, he ambled to the window. The sky was as gray as the ash from beneath the previous night’s embers and it presaged another wet day. His parents had awoken at the first flush of dawn and were talking in hushed tones in the adjacent room. Sambath tiptoed to the door for he wanted to hear what they were saying.

“This monsoon is more unusual than any…” said his father before adding, “at least any monsoon I can remember.” “Will the rice crop be destroyed?” asked his wife, alarm written all over her face.
Catching Sambath’s head through the corner of his eyes, he dodged that question, for he didn’t want to stoke any more fear in his family. Instead he asked Sambath, “Boy, shouldn’t you be getting ready for school?” The little boy came out shaking his head. He muttered to his wife, “Oh, I forgot. The Khmer teacher comes here only a few days in a month. With an education like that, I worry that his life will be just as hard as mine.”

Besides physical hardships, most Kraol people of Cambodia don’t have the hope of salvation through Christ because they haven’t heard of Him yet.

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Pray that Christ’s followers would soon take the message of hope for this life and life everlasting to the Kraol people.

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