Daily Topic for February 17, 2012

Isaiah 40: 28
Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and His understanding no one can fathom.

Imagine the excitement of those like the Kita Malinkes who have heard about the ways of their Creator for the first time. His power resulted in the Universe being created out of nothing. No god can boast of such a thing! And there’s more: His understanding no one can fathom. By giving allegiance to this Creator, people are joining with the One whose understanding is far beyond anything mankind can imagine. What a hope! What a privilege!

Pray that the Kita Malinke people will continue to hear of the One who created them, and they will marvel in such a way that it will be impossible not to worship Him.

Kita Malinke People of Mali

by JS

Yesterday we read about reaching the Kakabe people in the remote rainforest of Guinea. In Mali, a country just to the northeast of Guinea, the geography and climate changes radically. No longer are there lush rainforests, but rather a much harsher, dry climate with sparse grasslands in the south and the Sahara Desert in the north. Today in Mali there is only one city of any size, its capital, Bamako. Most of the population is made up of tribal people, living in villages speaking multiple dialects.
While many people groups are waiting to hear the good news, the work of God is evident among the Kita Malinke, though there are still some challenges.
Since many of these tribal people don’t read, the Kita Malinkes can benefit from gospel recordings and radio broadcasts in their dialect. Nor do they yet have their own Bible translation. However, reports indicate that a nucleus of Kita Malinke believers are going to surrounding villages and sharing the gospel.

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Pray that the Lord would anoint and appoint workers to create relevant, culturally sensitive radio and TV for the Kita Malinkes, and that these media presentations will break through the darkness and shine the light of God’s truth on these people. Pray for appropriate gospel materials to be made readily available for the Kita Malinke people. Pray that Kita Malinke believers will be solidly grounded in Scripture.

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