Daily Topic for August 10, 2008

James 5:16b
"The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective"

Prayer is an essential part of God’s plan to accomplish His will on earth. We cannot always understand just why and how prayer works. But Scripture assures us that prayer is necessary both to us and to the accomplishment of God’s work in the world. Powerful, effective prayer has a goal (the revealed will of God) and a promise (the assurance of God When we pray in God’s will according to God’s promises, then our prayer is powerful and effective. We must remember that part of God’s will is that we “make disciples of all nations.” He has promised to be with us to the end of the age as we pursue this objective.

Dear Father, teach us how to effectively intercede for the peoples of the world, who long to know Your truth.

Khoja People of India

What do these diverse items have in common: a red pen, an inkstand, a knife, a garland of flowers, a lamp, a wooden stool, and Chinese firecrackers? They are all part of a ceremony performed six days after a baby’s birth to a Khoja mother. The Khojas are an ethnic group found largely in India and Pakistan. Formerly a Hindu trading caste, they were converted to Islam in the 15th century. They call their spiritual leader the Agha Khan, and he has much power over their every day lives.

Since they follow a different spiritual leader than other Muslim groups, their customs and observances differ as well. Birth, marriage, divorce, and funeral customs differ significantly from those of other Islamic communities. Interestingly, their converter, Hajji Saiyid Sadr al-Din, used a modern day evangelistic technique in the 15th century to lead these Hindu traders to Islam; he presented Islamic doctrines to the Hindus in a form that would appeal to their own traditions.

Since the Khojas live primarily along the west coast of India, it was only natural that their trading would take them to the east coast of Africa, and many Khojas live there as well. Both the Khojas of western India and their offshoots in east Africa form a closely organized community.

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Pray for Christian evangelists to use strategies for presenting the plan of salvation to the Khojas in a way that will appeal to their unique traditions and lifestyles.-JS

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