Daily Topic for April 21, 2011

Psalms 49:7-8
No man can redeem the life of another or give to God a ransom for him—the ransom for a life is costly, no payment is ever enough…

If you saw the movie, “The Passion of the Christ,” you may remember the scene in the Garden of Gethsemane where Satan is trying to tempt Jesus into bypassing the cross. He tells Jesus that it is impossible for man to pay for the life of another. So true, but so false in this case! Jesus is the only son of the Living God, so He alone can pay for the sins of the world. Muslims try to achieve salvation by obeying the words of Mohammed, while Buddhists and Hindus seek to obey their way to a better reincarnation. But only Christ can pay for their sins. No sin is forgiven, except by the blood of the sinless Christ.

Pray for the Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists to seek out and find their only redeemer!

Khmer People in Paris

by PE

“What are you doing?” The slightly built young Khmer man paused at the front door to question his sister. Lifting her face from prayer before the prominently displayed Buddha, she icily replied, “I’m doing what you and the other men have failed to do. I am preparing to lead the service at the temple.” The young man left quickly, slamming the door in disgust and shame. He thought, She is right. We men have become so interested in the technology of the day and our education, that we have forsaken temple duties. His feelings ebbed from the ancient ways and flowed into the new ways of the world.
The 1969 bombings and civil war in Cambodia took millions of lives from the Khmer community, but some were rescued from Asian refugee camps and resettled in sanctuary countries such as France, which now enfolds 69,000 Khmer people on the outskirts of Paris. While many Christian resources are available to the Khmers in Paris, there are few missionaries to deliver them.

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Pray that the Lord will call many workers to share the gospel with the Khmer people of Paris. Pray that God will grant favor and acceptance to any that are currently working among the Khmer people. Pray that hearts will be turned in great numbers to the Lord Jesus Christ who loves them and offers them new life with Him.

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