Daily Topic for June 05, 2011

Colossians 4:3
And pray for us, too, that God might open a door for our message.

Closed doors can come in the form of geographic barriers such as jungles, thick forests and high mountains. But as you can see from today’s reading, such barriers can be removed. Today, there is a great opportunity for believers to reach the Khmer Keh people, who previously lived in isolation.

Pray that the Lord will thrust forth His workers through the open doors that now stand between them and the Khmer Keh people.

Khmer Keh People

by PD

Hidden deep in the almost impenetrable jungles and mountains of northeastern Cambodia are eight villages. They are home to the 5,200 Khmer Keh people. Their remote location has traditionally kept the Khmer Keh people isolated. They were further isolated by the brutal actions of the Khmer Rouge regime when guerrillas kept outsiders away by spreading land mines near the villages.

Today they are far less isolated. The Cambodian government has removed the land mines and built new roads. In spite of not having electric power, some young people have obtained cell phones. A few Khmer Keh people even have motorbikes. With the availability of transportation, some now sell their hand woven articles in nearby cities and are able to buy things.

Khmer Keh people have always been able to provide for their own basic needs by growing rice, raising farm animals, fishing, and gathering fruit from the forest. Most of them still live in simple wooden houses on stilts. Education is very limited for their children.

Traditionally their religion has been animistic with a strong Buddhist influence. Although most younger Khmer Keh do not believe in spirit worship, the older people still perform a special ceremony each year, which involves dancing to invite the spirits so the people can give them offerings. There are a small number of believers among them.

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Pray that as the Khmer Keh see some modern changes in their way of life, they will also be enriched with the greatest gift of all, knowing the love and grace of the Lord!

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