Daily Topic for February 08, 2012

Daniel 2:44
In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever.

What a note of assurance, of triumph, of victory! God’s unchangeable kingdom will last forever. These words of certain victory should encourage and strengthen us in the task of world evangelization. We do not yet see the Kingdom in its glory and power, but the Kingdom is here. It is among us. It is growing, pulsating with power as God calls and fills his people with the power of His Spirit. It is growing as God thrusts his people into a worldwide harvest, calling those from every nation to share in the glory of eternal fellowship with the Heavenly King.

Pray that the King of Kings and Lord of Lords will strengthen our hands, quicken our minds, and encourage our hearts with a vision of His victorious Kingdom.

Khasonke Malinke People of Mali

by GEC

Kashka, still just a boy, spends his days behind his father’s pair of oxen. The team pulls a rudimentary plow up one row and down the next. Nearby his father tends a field of millet. Meanwhile Kashka’s brother prepares a dry field to plant sorghum. Both of these crops prove resistant to drought, a constant concern in Mali.
Kashka’s family is part of the Khasonke Malinke people of southwestern Mali. He will attend a Muslim school just long enough to learn the basics of Islam, but he will never learn to read. He will only learn mathematics that will help him as a farmer. He has heard that there is a medical clinic, but when he asked where, his father just points toward the sunrise and says, “Two days away.”
Islam holds a strong influence in northern Mali. But where Kashka lives, his people mix their Islam with traditional tribal beliefs. He lives among an extended family of more than 50 people. He is the third born son in a family where his mother just gave birth to her eighth child. His Khasonke people would welcome an agriculturalist or a teacher who could teach in the evenings.

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Pray that the Lord Jesus will raise up tentmakers who will live with the Khasonkes. Pray that the Holy Spirit would plow and prepare the soil of the Khasonke people to receive the gospel. Pray that Latin American intercessors will faithfully pray for the Khasonkes.

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