Daily Topic for August 26, 2010

Matthew 5:3
Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

The Khamti people are among the poorest of the poor when it comes to worldly wealth. They are regarded as slaves in a part of the world where few have more than their daily food. But Jesus offers equal access to the throne of heaven to those who acknowledge their need for the Savior. Yet these people don’t know the One who is seated on the Throne, so how can they call out to Him?

Pray that in their spiritual poverty, many from the Khamti people will call out to the Lord and inherit the kingdom of heaven.

Khamti People

by MB

Anucha wondered what he had done in a past life to make his present one so hard. Born to a family of slaves, he is considered the lowest in his society. In his community, unless you were born to a family of tribal chiefs or monks, you were destined to a life viewed as less meaningful. Anucha has the same Buddhist goal as the rest of his people: to reach nirvana. Facing the pressures of daily existence, and genuinely trying to be a better person without causing unnecessary suffering for himself or others is a heavy load as it is. Feeling the added shame from his peers makes it unbearable!

Isolated in the South Asian mountains, there is an almost complete lack of ethnographic material available about the Khamtis. Most of what we know of them comes from India. There are an estimated 97,900 Khamti people in Myanmar, India and possibly China. Eighty-eight percent of these people have never heard the gospel.

It is to people like the Khamtis that the message of the gospel brings the most hope. Jesus began His ministry preaching that the outcasts of society, the poor, destitute and weeping had equal access to the throne of heaven, regardless of their social standing. In every society, it is the poor in spirit, those who recognize their need of a Savior who receive this message with gladness.

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Pray for ambassadors of King Jesus to bring this message of liberation to the Khamti people.

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