Daily Topic for March 10, 2011

Luke 6:39
Can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they not both fall into a pit?

Like the Chulym Tatars we prayed for yesterday, the Khakass Tatars hold to a blend of several religious traditions. Their spiritual leaders have led them to believe that they can accept the doctrines of Buddhists and the Russian Orthodox Church and add a layer of shamanism to all of it. But the God who created them will not allow Himself to be worshiped along with false Gods and spirits.

Pray that the Tatar peoples will soon give the true and living God their entire allegiance, so that they can be part of His Kingdom.

Khakass Tatar People

by TP

Asking one strong nation to protect you from another strong nation can bring centuries of trouble for a weak nation. During the 13th century, the Khakass Tatar leaders sought Russian protection from the Mongol Empire. Through the course of the centuries, Russian protection led to Russian annexation, Russian cultural dominance and the imposition of the Russian Orthodox Church. Soviet collectivization and post-World War II industrialization brought further changes. As a result, today clan and family are more important to the Khakass Tatars than nationality, although Tatar nationalism has grown since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The Khakass Tatars are the indigenous Turkic minority who live in Russia’s Republic of Khakass. They number some 75,000 persons compared to the fewer than a thousand Chulym Tatars for whom we prayed yesterday. Most live just north of Kazakhstan and Mongolia. They have strong regional and tribal loyalties. Although their name can be traced to Chinese sources, their current name was officially applied to them by the Soviets at the beginning of Russian Communist rule.

Their religion exhibits a lot of syncretism. It is a mixture of Buddhism, shamanism and Russian Orthodoxy. However, with over 70 percent of the Khakass Tatars fluent in Russian and increasing Khakass-Russian marriages, believers can use the Russian Bible to evangelize them.

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Pray that God will start a spiritual awakening among Khakass Tatars that will challenge the Buddhist-shamanist-animist heart of their Russian Orthodoxy, and that they will become true followers of Jesus. Pray that The JESUS Film will be widely shown in their homes.

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