Daily Topic for June 26, 2010

John 8:36
So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

Animistic beliefs like the ones held by the Kerinci people are a hard taskmaster. Daily life is curtailed by the need to appease the spirit world. Such people are in a desperate state; they need the Son to set them free!

Pray that the Son will set the Kerinci people free from the bondage of the spirit world. Pray for the Kerinci people to embrace the Son, and accept His freedom.

Kerinci People

by PD

“The god of Mount Kerinci is spitting fire again! Look! All the vegetables, fruits and plants are covered with ash. The air smells like poison. I’m going to the plantation, but I’ll have to wear a mask so I can breathe.” With that, Ahmad, a Kerinci youth, took off running. He was concerned because the volcano had been active for several days spewing smoke and ash into the air, endangering his vital crops.

Desiring to be independent, most of the 300,000 Kerinci people live in the highlands of western Sumatra and Lake Kerinci in Jambi. Until recently, they have maintained this isolation, living primarily by farming and fishing. The expansive beauty of their rain forest homeland is being transformed into a national wildlife park. The Indonesian government has relocated people from other islands to work on plantations located in Kerinci territory.

The Kerinci people follow the traditions of Islam, and every village has a mosque. They use large drums to call people to prayer five times a day. They also use magic rituals and seek help from traditional healers. Their daily lives are affected by the belief in malevolent ghosts.

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Pray that God will work out His plan for the Kerinci people. Pray for Him to send the right workers to teach them to obey the Word, and to help free them from their spiritual bondage. Pray for Kerinci elders to have dreams and visions that will lead them to Christ for spiritual answers.

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