Daily Topic for November 12, 2011

Psalms 119:18
Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in Your law.

Have you ever prayed for your eyes to be opened to know more of His ways? Since you have accepted His lordship your eyes have been opened to a degree. Yet we all have so much more to learn of Him and from Him! However, has it occurred to you that you can also pray for the eyes of unreached people groups like the Kashmiris to be opened so that they can see wonderful things in His Word? This is one of the best things that you can pray for the nations!

Pray for the Kashmiris to seek and find wonderful things in God’s word.

Kashmiri People

by CL

Approximately one-fifth of the nation of Pakistan was underwater after heavy monsoons caused the Indus River to flood. Twenty million people were affected. But those numbers meant little to the Kashmiris. What mattered most to this least-reached people group was the loss of their family members and homes.
As devout Sunni Muslims, the Kashmiris were no doubt confused by this disaster. Perhaps they began to question their religion. They probably watched the handful of believers living in their midst quite closely to see how they would react. As humanitarian assistance arrived, they might have listened to believers from aid groups as they distributed food and clothing.
Despite the toll on life the flooding took, it may also have served to open a door for the gospel to reach this still-unreached people group. In their need and grief, the Islamic Kashmiris were forced to search for answers to life’s greatest questions. We can only pray that the Lord will use this tragedy as an opportunity to rescue the Kashmiri people from spiritual deception.

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Pray for the pressing physical and spiritual needs of the Kashmiri people to be met. Pray for many laborers to be sent into this harvest field. Ask the Lord to enable workers to share the gospel with the Kashmiris in a way they can understand, appreciate, and respond to.

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