Daily Topic for January 15, 2011

Isaiah 40:15, 17
Surely the nations are like a drop in a bucket…. Before Him all the nations are as nothing; they are regarded by Him as worthless and less than nothing.

To stand before a wall-sized world map is to catch a glimpse of the immensity of this earth. Yet Isaiah asserts that when we stand before the Creator, the creation dwindles to comparative insignificance. What perspective this fact gives to God’s people! We are so easily overawed by the scope of the Great Commission that our resolve weakens and our courage fails. But God is greater than His commission, greater than His earth, greater than any obstacles we will face. And though His power regards the nations as worthless and less than nothing, His love regards them as infinitely precious and worthy of the death of His Son.

Pray that our Almighty God will teach us to fix our eyes on Him so that we may act in faith before the nations.

Kanuri People

by WK

In a village near the blue waters of Lake Chad stood a ramshackle wooden palace, where the Sultan of Kanuri lived. Few people visited him, for he no longer had any power. Over 100 years ago the British and the French destroyed the Kanuri Sultanate, but allowed the royal family to live. “My people trace their ancestry to Yemen, where the words of Allah came from,” said the Sultan to the first visitor he’d seen in ages. He didn’t realize that Islam didn’t originate in Yemen.

The Kanuris are a hybrid people group that formed when Arab migrants intermarried with African tribes that lived along the shores of Lake Chad. This happened peacefully, without military conquest. Over the years two very different cultures, one Arab and the other African, blended with each other. Even their language is a blend of Arabic and African tongues. The Yemeni migrants brought Islam to this region, and today almost all Kanuris are Sunni Muslims.

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Pray that a mission agency would reach out to the Kanuri people. Ask God to lead the strong church in Nigeria to send faithful workers to tell this people group that Jesus is the only true source of salvation. Pray also for peace in this region.

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