Daily Topic for September 04, 2010

Genesis 1:1
In the beginning, God . . .

One of the most remarkable truths the Bible tells us is that the One who created the heavens and the earth didn’t do so anonymously. He desires to be known, and can be known, and has revealed all of His divine attributes in creation itself (Rom. 1:20). Indeed, God did this so that men would seek Him and perhaps reach out and find Him (Acts 17:27). That men in every nation have sought to find God is evidence of this reality. Bible translators have yet to find a dialect that is without a word for the Creator God! At the same time, all peoples have found that there is something that separates us from our Creator.

Pray that the whole earth, and every nation, might be filled with the knowledge of His glory as the waters cover the sea.

Kannaura People in Sri Lanka

by KC

Tukpa walked to the local Buddhist temple, thinking of how strange life still seemed in Sri Lanka. His neighbors were Sinhalese Buddhists, but they practiced it so very differently than he and his family did. He almost never saw a prayer wheel, at least not the kind that his people used in Tibet. The monks spent most of their time burning incense and performing different rituals than he was used to. Yet, he remembered, Buddhism is a flexible religion, and it will be practiced differently in different parts of the world.

Tukpa is a member of the Kannaura people, who are actually Tibetan refugees. He left Tibet in 1959, but at times living in Sri Lanka is still difficult for him. Instead of freezing cold weather, he faces tropical heat. He only speaks Tibetan with other Kannauras, but most of his family is more familiar with Sinhala, the language of the Sinhalese majority.

Though we don’t know how many Kannaura people there are in Sri Lanka, we know that there are about 62,000 of them worldwide, mostly in China’s Tibetan regions and India. They dream of returning to Tibet, their homeland, but this land is now controlled by China, and this is unlikely to change. Their only hope right now is in doing the best they can in Sri Lanka and their Tibetan Buddhist religion.

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Pray that the Kannaura people will find a new “home” in Christ and accept His ways as their only hope.

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