Daily Topic for February 17, 2010

John 6:27
Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you.

Jesus was losing His patience. He had spent hours teaching a crowd about eternal matters, and they began to follow him because He had provided them with bread and fish. To this crowd, Jesus was just a meal ticket. It is easy for anyone to focus on having their daily needs met and forget their eternal needs.

Pray that as the Kenembu people find new ways to satisfy their daily food needs that they will not forget to seek the eternal reward that only Christ can provide.

Kanembu People of Niger and Chad

by CL

The Kanembu people of Nigeria and Chad have discovered a cure for malnutrition! Those living around Lake Chad consume a blue-green algae to ward off the effects of famine. Western scientists have dubbed this algae a “super food.”

Now, if only the Kanembu could discover a cure for physical and spiritual poverty. While their children might not suffer from malnutrition, they lack educational opportunities and adequate medical care. Because they live in a region with few roads, traveling to larger cities for these services is out of the question. Even when schools are made available, Kanembu parents seldom allow their children to attend. They have been orthodox followers of Islam since the 10th century and expect their children to exclusively study the Qu’ran and the Arabic language. As a result, nearly all of the Kanembus are illiterate and the Bible is not available because there is no written script for the Kanembu language.

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Pray for this spiritually malnourished people to gain access to the gospel. Ask God to raise up laborers who will venture into this harvest field and invest themselves in the Kanembus, helping them to find a cure for the spiritual blindness that hinders their knowledge of Jesus Christ. Pray for the good news to be presented to them in culturally relevant ways that will result in their rescue from the dominion of darkness and their introduction into the Kingdom of God.

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