Daily Topic for June 07, 2011

Philippians 2:5-11
(Jesus) made Himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant… He humbled Himself and became obedient to death…. Therefore God exalted Him to the highest place.

Because of the humble obedience of Jesus, the Father exalted Him. Jesus did not humble Himself that He might be exalted, but in order that man might be redeemed through His death. How human it is for us to seek ways to become great, even at personal sacrifice and pain. Yet the ones God exalts are those who have given up personal ambition and pride because they have understood His heart and will. If our Master had to humble Himself and learn obedience in order to redeem men, so His disciples also must humble themselves in obedience in order to reveal His glory and goodness to others.

Pray that the oppressed Kampuchean Krom people will soon become “great” in God’s eyes by humbly following His ways.

Kampuchea Krom People

by PD

Kampuchea Krom or “Lower Cambodian,” is the name given by Cambodia to a million Khmers living in southern Vietnam. This was a region in the Mekong Delta that was “given” to Vietnam, along with their inhabitants, by the French in 1949. There are about 250,000 Kampuchea Krom people from this region who have tried to migrate back to Cambodia where they are often treated like foreigners with restricted rights. The Cambodian government has not accepted a large number of them because they claim that they are illegal in Cambodia. As a result, many have returned to Vietnam where they continue to endure ongoing persecution, discrimination, and pressure to assimilate into the Vietnamese society. They are even encouraged to give up speaking the Khmer language. Some escape to Thailand. In the fall of 2010, three Kampuchea Krom monks who had been imprisoned by the Vietnamese met with leaders from America’s State Department. They pleaded for help. They hoped the meeting would bring actions that would help give more rights for Kampuchea Kroms who seek to live in Cambodia. They also stressed the need to stop the persecution of their people by the Vietnamese government.

There are over 560 Khmer Buddhist temples in Vietnam where the Kampuchea Krom can give material offerings and prayers in hopes of obtaining nirvana. Nirvana is described as a state where the person is free from suffering, reincarnation, and the earthly life. There are only a few thousand followers of Christ among these people.

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Pray that God will release the Kampuchea Kroms from their oppressive lives and bring them into a new, abundant life in Jesus Christ.

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