Daily Topic for May 16, 2010

Romans 16:27
To the only wise God be glory forever through Jesus Christ! Amen.

Notice that the God of creation is called the only wise God. He is the only One worthy of our worship and praise. The Bible does not leave room for any God but the God of creation. The Juruna and Kayapo tribes are beginning to give up their ancient shamanistic ways, making room for the God who created them.

Pray that soon these two tribes will give glory and praise to the only wise God through Jesus Christ.

Juruna and Kayapo Peoples

by KC

Boom! It was a sound never heard before above central Brazil’s Xingu National Park. Though many wanted to run the other way, some of the brave Juruna and Kayapo men ran towards the sound.
With hearts pounding, they found the wreckage of a Brazilian aircraft. One hundred and fifty four people lay dead. When outsiders came, the Juruna and Kayapo people were able to help them gain access to the wreckage. Without the help of these local tribes, it would have been very difficult for outsiders to navigate the jungles and rivers to get to the remote spot.

One of the Kayapo leaders, Megaron Txucarramãe, wanted to help in another way. According to the beliefs of the peoples in this region, relatives of the deceased needed to go to the site to free their loved ones’ spirits for the afterlife. He wanted to lead bereaved relatives to the crash site.

Outsiders are not new for the Juruna people. In 1640, a European explorer by the name of Heriarte mentioned the Juruna people in his notes. Today, the Juruna people live in the Xingu National Park, in Brazil’s central Matto Grasso State. Traditionally they have been shamanistic, but there have been few, if any, shamans among them for the last 20-30 years. Some of them wear crucifixes.

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Pray for these brave people to find meaning in the One who was crucified to pay for their sins.

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