Daily Topic for May 09, 2010

Judges 6:15
But Lord, Gideon asked, how can I save Israel? My clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my family.

The Juma people, who are heading towards extinction, could say the same thing that Gideon said thousands of years ago. But, like Gideon, God loves the Juma people and has a purpose for them in His Kingdom! Their purpose is not mere survival, or greater status, or more people, but to serve the One who created the universe.

Pray that the few Juma people will rise to the honor of serving the King of the Universe.

Juma People

by PD

“What happened to the Juma people? I understand there are only five individuals left: a father with his three daughters and a granddaughter. At one time they were more numerous. What is being done to help them?”
A new worker with indigenous people was talking with her regional director, who replied. “Most people believe the Jumas were once part of the Tup-Kawahib, a people who migrated to the Madeira River region of the Amazon in the 17th century. About 3,000 of these tribals split off from the groups and called themselves ‘Juma’ meaning ‘fierce.’ At one time there were 12 to 15 thousand Jumas. Today they are identified with the Tupi-Guarani language family, called Kagwahiva. After successive massacres, disease and the expansion of industries and development, their population was reduced to a few dozen people in the 1960s. You are right about how few there are today. Those five were relocated to a Uru-en-wau-wau village. The father and his daughters have all married Uru-en-wau-waus. However, if they do not return to their Juma territory they will lose their land and developers will try to take it.”
Both the Juma and the Uru-eu-wau-wau people have continued to live in simple isolation with a few new benefits from the Brazilian government, especially related to medical help. There has been no sustained outreach to touch the hearts and souls of these people with the much-needed good news of the Lord.

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Pray that there will soon be a way for them to respond to the gospel.

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