Daily Topic for May 25, 2010

Romans 15:21 (Living Bible)
Those who have never been told about him will see and those who have never heard of him will understand.

Neither Paul nor the disciples had any idea how far the fame and glory of Christ would spread at the time this was written. A few short years before Paul wrote this verse, the idea of sharing the gospel with a Roman soldier was very strange to Peter. Could any of them even imagine what we are now seeing the Lord do (sending his children to some of the most remote parts of the Amazon River Basin)? He might just be waiting for you to pray before he moves his almighty hand in one of the world’s darkest places!

Pray that the Lord’s hand will reach the Jiripanco people this month.

Jiripanco People

by WK

Fishermen sat on the banks of the river waiting for fish to bite. The white explorers watching from a distance were surprised, not realizing anyone lived this deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle. The explorers knew nothing about these Indians except that they were called the Jiripancos. This people group still spoke their own tongue, not having been exposed to the Portuguese spoken in much of Brazil. The Jiripanco live in such a remote area that outsiders contacted them only a few years ago.

No one knows how long this people group has existed. In Brazil there are many people groups that were formed by the intermarriage of several tribes. In Brazil survivors from several decimated tribes will often band together for survival. Greedy settlers have often driven tribes off their land, often killing many. Right now no one knows if the Jiripanco tribe formed as a result of such a massacre.
There are no known Christian believers among them. No outsiders speak their language. Nothing is known about the customs of this people group.

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Pray that the Jiripanco would be protected from death and economic exploitation. Ask God to lead a mission agency to translate the Bible for them so they can hear the message of salvation. Pray that God would open the hearts of this people group so that they may one day embrace Jesus Christ as their deliverer.

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