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Isaiah 6:9
He said, “Go and tell this people: ‘Be ever hearing, but never understanding; be ever seeing, but never perceiving.’”

This missionary couple must have felt like they were going to face the same discouraging results as Isaiah when they went to the hill peoples of India’s Tamil Nadu. How do missionaries keep going when people don’t listen to them any more than the Israelites did to Isaiah? Again, it all boils down to obedience and the call of God, no matter how hard it may seem.

Pray that God will give missionaries a willingness to never leave their calling, even when it’s difficult.

Jesse and Evelyn Brand, Continued

by AL

India at last! Evelyn Harris responded enthusiastically to her new environment She could hardly wait to get on with the business of missionary work. But first, there was a new language to learn. She started studying Tamil at dawn, when the temperature was only in the low 90s.

Occasionally Evie went with another missionary to visit homes of the native peoples in Madras. In one home she unexpectedly met Jesse Brand again. They began to write letters to each other and soon became engaged. In 1912, Jesse was appointed to Vazhavanthi, 40 miles from the nearest railroad. There Jesse began to build a simple home in the hills where he and Evie would start their married life together.

“Trust and Triumph” were the words Evelyn had engraved inside her wedding ring. It was the guiding theme of her life for the next sixty years.

The Brands frequently visited the villages surrounding Vazhavanthi, taking only the barest necessities, and spending 10 days or more in one area. After their arrival in a village, Jesse and Evie preached and tended the sick. Though people politely listened, they rarely responded. The Brands had been warned: “Never will a Kolli hill man break caste and follow your way. It has never happened, and it never will.” A convert would literally have to leave his family to follow Christ.

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Pray that Western workers will be able to become so close and friendly with Hindu families that cultural barriers will be broken which prevent them from coming to Christ.

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