Daily Topic for February 25, 2011

Proverbs 4:6
Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you.

One of the best things about being a follower of Christ is that you have access to His wisdom and guidance through the Holy Spirit. Most cultures, including Fulbe cultures, have some kind of wisdom traditions, but none of their wisdom leads directly to Christ, the only redeemer of mankind. Shouldn’t we be more than eager to share this true wisdom with the unreached nations?

Pray that those working among the Fulbe peoples will eagerly learn their proverbs, and use them to direct people to the Only Wise God.

Jelgoobe Fulbe People

by PD

Jabo, a Jelgoobe Fulbe woman, said to her neighbor, “Tana, I brought you much milk, but you have been cheating me and keeping much of the millet for yourself.” Tana responded to Jabo with an old Fulbe proverb. “I have done the ‘one’ of the doobal-bird (a bird which lays only one egg)” which meant, “I will never do it again.” Jabo replied with her own proverb. “He who hits his neighbor’s knee curls up his own legs.” This meant that if you do something bad to someone, they are likely to avenge it, so watch out!

These two women are among the Jelgoobe. This Fulbe people makes their living through herding cattle, goats and sheep. They trade the milk from their livestock for other food products. They do some farming and many migrate to different locations according to the dry or wet seasons. Although they culturally identify as Muslims they often seek spiritual help in the occult world of magic or animistic practices. Education is limited and usually only the men can read their own language. Christian Missionary Alliance (CMA) has been working among them since the early 1900s. CMA has assisted Jelgoobe in the area of veterinarian assistance, farming and water purification. Their outreach has been a living witness of God’s loving kindness. A small number of Jelgoobe Fulbe are following Christ.

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Pray that trust in God’s servants will lead these people to knowing Christ and accepting His gospel message of salvation.

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