Daily Topic for September 13, 2010

Genesis 2:15
The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.

From the very beginning, God elevated work to a high level and sanctified it through his own work in Creation. Unfortunately, today most people don’t view work with much enthusiasm, and Genesis tells us why. Through their own folly Adam and Eve traded their Edenic occupation for the hard labor of fallen man. However, the good news is that in Christ the value of work can be redeemed. Even in the cruel Roman Empire, Christian slaves were urged to do their work as unto the Lord. As a result, incredible social transformation followed.

Pray for God’s children to work in such a way that their communities will be blessed and God will be praised among the nations.

Japanese People in Sri Lanka

by WK

Trade between Japan and Sri Lanka is booming. You can find Japanese products everywhere, from clothes to computers. Sri Lankan merchants often have to deal with Japanese businessmen. Many Sri Lankans want to learn Japanese. Japanese language teachers from Japan are in high demand. But the Japanese teachers also struggle with language matters because few Japanese speak Sinhalese, the national language of Sri Lanka.

There are 1000 Japanese in Sri Lanka. Perhaps only 200 of them are permanent residents. They tend to be businessmen, but the rest are in the country on short-term work contracts. Many of these people are language teachers who work in government or private schools. Japanese Buddhists don’t feel isolated, for there are many Buddhists among the various people groups of Sri Lanka. There are few, if any, followers of Christ among the Japanese, and there are also no known missionary agencies working among them in Sri Lanka.

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Pray that God would lead committed believers to reach out to the Japanese of Sri Lanka with the message of salvation. There is an open door for tentmaker missionaries to work among this people group because many Japanese in Sri Lanka are businessmen. Ask God to break the hold that Buddhism and materialism have on them. Pray also for the start of Japanese language gospel broadcasts in Sri Lanka.

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