Daily Topic for June 14, 2010

Psalm 119:96
To all perfection I see a limit; but your commands are boundless.

The Jambi Malay people have a high regard for justice. Their oral traditions have produced a set of laws that has guided them for centuries. By the Holy Spirit, the Psalmist tells us of the boundless perfection of God’s commands. What a joy it would be for these people if they would put their trust in the Word of God!

Pray that God’s Word will soon become available to the Jambi Malay people. Pray that their hunger for justice will lead them to the principles set out in His Word. Pray that they would come to Christ as Lord and Savior.

Jambi Malay People

by W.K.

The Jambi elders met to discuss a case brought before them. A farmer’s crops were eaten by a neighbor’s water buffalos. Was the neighbor at fault for not watching his livestock, or was the farmer at fault for not building a strong fence? The elders had no written law code to guide them. They would use centuries of oral tradition to guide them to a fair decision. This is the way of the Jambi people.

The Jambi people are a Malay ethnic group that lives in the jungles of southern Sumatra. Islam was introduced to them over a thousand years ago. There once was a powerful Jambi kingdom on Sumatra that sent ambassadors to places as far away as China. This was around the time Muslim traders brought Islam to this people group. Today almost all Jambi Malays are Muslims. They live in a region that is being flooded by settlers from other parts of Indonesia. They have become distrustful of outsiders, including missionaries.

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Pray that the Jambi people will soon understand the role of God’s law and the need for His forgiveness through the sacrifice of Christ. Pray for believers to win the trust and friendship of Jambi people, so they can earn a hearing about the truth of Christ. Ask God to break the hold that Islam has on the Jambis

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