Daily Topic for December 16, 2010

Genesis 47:27
Now the Israelites settled in Egypt in the region of Goshen. They acquired property there and were fruitful and increased greatly in number.

The Jewish community prospered in certain times past in Egypt, but in other times, i.e., before the Exodus, they were badly treated. Certainly today’s hostility towards the Jews in Egypt stems at least in part from the wars the two countries fought in recent decades.

Pray that God will heal any anger between the Egyptians and the Israelis.

Israeli Jews in Egypt

by EJD

Pouring tea from a kettle, Adah was telling Jacob, a university student studying the modern day exodus of Jews from Egypt, that in yesteryears she had servants at her beck and call. Adah and her husband Ezra had once owned a department store. They had many non-Jewish friends in Egypt. “Before 1948 we lived so amiably with everyone,” said Adah as her eyes misted over. “It has been all downhill since the six-day war. By 1967 many Jews left for Europe, America or Israel.” Ezra added, “Our son wants us to live with him in Brooklyn.” Interrupting her husband, Adah said, “Why should I leave my land?” After a sad and ominous pause she added much more resignedly, “But most of our people have left and my Ezra cannot even go to the synagogue for the prayer service because there aren’t even 10 men who want to come.”

The elderly Adah and Ezra are among the few Jews who remain in Egypt. They try to stay as inconspicuous as possible so that they don’t draw attention to their Jewish roots in a country that is teetering on the brink of intolerance towards Jews.

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Pray for mission agencies working to bring the gospel to the Jewish people in Egypt. Pray for the Holy Spirit to draw the Jews in Egypt to their true Messiah.

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