Daily Topic for May 14, 2011

Romans 4:11
So then [Abraham] is the father of all who believe but have not been circumcised, in order that righteousness might be credited to them.

Chapter four is an extensive explanation that Abraham’s righteousness came from faith rather than from works, (including the work of circumcision). He was counted as righteous before he became circumcised, and so he is able to be called the father of all who truly believe, whether they are circumcised or not. This was a radical statement for Paul to make, but he was explaining to the Gentiles and the Jews in the church at Rome that they both fit into God’s Kingdom on the basis of faith in Jesus Christ from the heart.

Thank the Lord that He has made all the Gentiles potential members of His Kingdom by faith, not by works.

Ishmaili Muslims in Texas

by EJD

“Don’t toy with your food, Rahim! What is it that has so consumed you that you will not eat?” chided his mother at the dinner table. Rahim replied, “Our scoutmaster says we are expected to do something for the community. Peering over his chicken tikka masala, Rahim’s father, Elem, asked if he had ideas about what he could do. Shrugging his shoulders, Rahim replied, “I can build bookshelves for the school, but I want to do something else.” Biting the stem of his glasses Elem said, “I heard from a colleague that the church near my office was looking for people who would build a Celtic cross for their prayer room. You suppose you can rally your fellow Boy Scouts to do that?” “But dad, we are Muslims! Will that be all right?” asked Rahim, his forehead furrowing in a quizzical frown. “Why not, Son, our imam is always telling us to bridge divides with those who are not Ismaili.”

Ismailis make up a branch of Shi’ite Islam. This group has immigrated to countries around the world, and they have a sizable population in Texas. They believe that the Qur’an has several layers of meanings and can be interpreted to suit the times. Such flexible beliefs make them more open to honest dialogue with those outside their religious community.

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Pray that godly believers who dialogue with the Ismailis would be able to lead them to understand that Christ is the Savior of the world for all generations.

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