Daily Topic for March 17, 2011

Mark 13:10
And the gospel must first be preached to all the nations.

Christians expect Christ, in response to His promise, to return to earth at any time. Yet our verse for today reminds us of the importance God places on obedience to first take the gospel to all people groups. There is a church community in practically every politically-defined country of the world. Praise God! Among these countries, however, they are approximately 8,000 people groups that do not have a viable, indigenous, evangelizing, Christ-centered movement! These are the world’s unreached peoples that InterAct Ministries wants to reach.

Pray for the Heavenly Father to lead us as we take the gospel to these still unreached nations.

InterAct Ministries

by JS

What is the “North Pacific Crescent”? It is the name that InterAct Ministries uses to describe the areas of the world where they focus their missionary activities. According to InterAct, “It is our term for that part of the world over the top of the Pacific Ocean: Siberia, Alaska and western Canada.” The North Pacific Crescent includes approximately one million people in 12,000 communities that lack a visible expression of the church of Jesus Christ.

Many of the peoples are tribal or aboriginal. InterAct is cooperating with other organizations and churches that try to find unreached people groups and mobilize prayer. Then, InterAct locates strategic communities and sends missionaries to them. They have been especially effective in church planting ministries in the Russian republics of Yakutia and Tuva. This breakthrough was made possible because IM is commited to developing relationships that build trust with native peoples. They also partner with native believers to win their own people to Christ.

There is now a nationally led ministry in Tuva and a strong ministry in Yakutia. Their leaders are nationals, and the hope of all missionary organizations is that the indigenous people can assume ownership of the evangelistic work among their own people.

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Pray for these national Tuva and Yakutia leaders to be led by the Holy Spirit as they faithfully share the good news about Jesus to the remotest communities.

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