Daily Topic for March 16, 2011

Psalm 89:1
I will sing of the Lord’s great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations.

Ljudmila is doing what the Psalmist did in the days of King David: sing praises to Him, and make His Name known! Like the work of Ethan, the one who wrote Psalm 89, her work will indeed be a blessing to future generations. What could be a better legacy than that?

Pray for the Lord to raise up many “Ljudmilas” among the various shamanistic peoples of Russia to write psalms of praise to their King.

Institute for Bible Translations (IBT)

by JS

“What a joy to sing to the Lord in our own language!” Ljudmila exclaims. Ljudmila’s face is radiant as she sits writing worship songs for her people, the Khanty. It has been a long journey for Ljudmila, who was born in the little Siberian village of Khanty, where most people are hunters, fishermen, and reindeer herders. She traveled outside her village to study. A pastor came to the student home for a worship service. The preaching and songs moved her. After being invited to visit his church, she gave her life to Christ.

Ljudmila began to tell everyone about her Savior. She received the opportunity to study more about the Bible at a Bible School in Tallin, Estonia. The Institute for Bible Translations (IBT) has translated the Gospel of Mark, excerpts from Luke and a Bible story booklet into Khanty. With Bible verses and a spiritual vocabulary, Ljudmila has been able to translate Christian songs into Khanty, as well as compose original worship music in her heart language.

IBT’s main task is to publish Bibles for non-Slavic peoples in Slavic countries. There are 85 million non-Slavic people living in the former Soviet Union with at least 130 different languages. So far IBT has translated and published the Bible, or portions of it, into 70 languages.

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Pray that IBT can translate the Bible into the remaining 60 languages. Pray that these Bible translations will result in vibrant fellowships and thankful followers of Christ.

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