Daily Topic for March 13, 2012

John 4:23
Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth...

In this encounter with the Samaritan woman, Jesus makes a profound and prophetic statement about the nature of true worship. The Samaritan wonders who is right—the Jews who insist that worship must be in Jerusalem, or her people, who worship God on their own sacred mountain. Jesus answers by saying that true worship has nothing to do with geography or sacred places. God is spirit, Jesus says, meaning He is not confined to any particular place. He can be worshiped anywhere by anyone. But truth is also important. In fact, many like the Samaritan woman are worshiping what they do not truly know. It’s up to us to bring them the full counsel of God.

Pray that faithful messengers might bring the knowledge of Jesus to all who are seeking after truth.

Ingush People of the Ukraine

by PE

Vitaly shook his head. “An accident, huh? The interior minister says that someone ‘accidentally’ shot him, and he was resisting arrest?” “What are you talking about?” Bursa asked her husband, Vitaly. He showed her the letter which detailed the murder of an Ingush journalist who had created an Ingush news website. The journalist was outspoken in publishing Ingush concerns. When he landed at a Russian airport in 2008, he was taken into a government car and shot in the head.
Vitaly and the other Ingush people have a tragic history. They first came under Russian rule in 1810. But it was Joseph Stalin, the Soviet dictator, who forced nearly half of their population into exile into Siberia and Kazakhstan where many of them died. After Stalin’s death, the Ingush people were allowed to return to their home in southern Russia, but their lands had been deeded to others, so they were virtually homeless.
Today there are 407,000 Ingush people in Russia and an additional 400 in the Ukraine. They are Sunni Muslim, and there are no known evangelicals among them. There have been no efforts to reach them for Christ in the Ukraine. At the end of days multitudes will gather around the throne of the Lamb from every people group.

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Pray that there will be many Ingush people among that holy throng. Pray that God will call workers to the Ingush people both in Russia and in the Ukraine. Pray for Ingush hearts to be prepared to accept the gospel when these workers arrive. Pray that it will be soon.

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