Daily Topic for October 03, 2011

Numbers 11:12
Did I conceive all these people? Did I give them birth?

Though it may sound almost comical, this is Moses’ complaint to the Lord about his responsibility to the children of Israel. Moses was overwhelmed with the responsibility and the burden. Do you sometimes feel this way about your burden to pray for the unreached? If so, why not pray that the Lord will raise up others to help carry the burden, just as He did for Moses?

Pray for the Lord to multiply the number of intercessors for the unreached people groups this year.

India Gospel Outreach Evangelists

by KC

How do you reach an unreached people group? First you must find out if a specific ethnic group has Christ followers. Then you must find out where they live.
From there, you must have lots of prayer. Before India Gospel Outreach sends an evangelist to a particular village or town, they send intercessors. They pray for fertile soil in the hearts of the people who live there. These people groups come from ethnic groups that have depended on false gods and religious systems for hundreds of years. Intercessors also pray for a “person of peace” within the unreached community to serve as an effective bridge for the gospel. The person of peace introduces the evangelist to the people in their community.
Only then can an India Gospel Outreach evangelist like Pastor Singh go to a Hindu or Sikh village to share Christ. They usually take tracts, booklets, and pamphlets, but these evangelistic tools are not enough. An evangelist must build relationships and prove himself to be trustworthy. Given time, Hindus and Sikhs will share their burdens with the evangelists who pray for these needs. When God answers prayer, people are willing to listen to the words of Christ. Often people accept Christ’s work in their lives, and some of the new believers become evangelists themselves. In this way, India Gospel Outreach is spreading the gospel into unreached people groups.

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Pray for the Lord to multiply the number of evangelists working in India’s unreached villages.

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