Daily Topic for January 25, 2014

Genesis 20:11
Abraham replied, "I said to myself, there is surely no fear of God in this place, and they will kill me because of my wife."

Three times in Genesis (twice with Abraham and once with Isaac) we have the same situation occurring where Sarah or Rebekah were taken into the household of a local ruler. The cause of this, as reflected in Abraham’s statement above, was always a sense that the nations were more depraved than they actually were, combined with a lack of faith in God’s ability to protect. The cure for this is to recognize that even before we arrive on the scene, He is already at work. In fact, no ethnic group has ever been found that doesn’t understand something of God’s moral standards.

Pray that Christ’s laborers might overcome every barrier of fear inhibiting the proclamation of the gospel.

Ilchamas People of Kenya

by CL

The visitor handed Abasi a book. Abasi looked at it blankly, then looked up at the man, puzzled. “It’s a Bible,” the man explained. “A Bible in Samburu.” Abasi examined the book again, turning it over in his hands. “You do speak Samburu, don’t you?” Abasi nodded. “This book is the story of God. It tells of how he sent his only Son to die and pay for your sins. Read it and you will understand.” Abasi shook his head. “I can’t read it.” “Why?” “I can’t read. I have never read a book. Neither has my father, nor my children.” He handed it back to the man. “This God of the book is not for us.”

Illiteracy is high among the Ilchamas people of Kenya, East Africa. They have an oral tradition and share their heritage, history, and culture by telling stories. Although the Bible has been translated into their language (Samburu), most of the Ilchamas cannot read it.

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Pray for missionaries to be sent to the Ilchamas to share God’s story verbally in Samburu. Pray for the audio version of the Samburu Bible to be made available to the nearly 35,000 Ilchamas living in Kenya. Ask God to prepare the hearts of this people for the message of His love and salvation in Christ. Pray for teachers who will help the Ilchamas become literate and educated. Pray for the JESUS Film to soon become widely available to the Ilchamas people.

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