Daily Topic for April 17, 2011

Acts 5:28
…you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching.

In Acts chapter five, Paul was in trouble for filling, “Jerusalem with your teaching.” In today’s world, can we be accused of filling the world with His teaching? The JESUS Film Project can certainly be accused of this, and rightly so! IMB missionaries can also be rightly accused of spreading His teachings throughout the world. Are you also guilty of this honorable accusation?

Pray that you will be guilty as charged for spreading His teachings to the nations.

IMB Work in Paris

by JS

The six West African men sat huddled around a TV set in a dingy, single-room Paris flat. Their expressions were intense as they watched the JESUS Film in their local language. At that moment there was a knock on the door. It was Craig Kendrick who asked the men, “What do you think about the film?” Kendrick is the leader of, “Team West Africa in Paris,” a group of Southern Baptist missionaries, serving with the International Mission Board, who are committed to sharing Christ and planting churches among the 500,000 West Africans living in Paris.

The JESUS Film has been a key resource in reaching the West Africans because it by-passes two major hurdles, illiteracy and language. Kendrick says, “The fact that it’s in their mother tongue is enticing to them.” It’s easy to find their target groups because the French have built large concrete block apartment buildings called foyers which are microcosms of West African society. Kendrick adds, “We don’t go into a building without saturating it with prayer. A foyer is a very dark place, spiritually.” The team has set foot in 50 foyers, finding favorable responses in at least 40 of them.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray that West Africans will turn from Islam and animism to spiritual freedom and salvation in Christ. Pray that God will gather a group of disciples who will spearhead a church planting movement among West Africans in Paris.

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