Daily Topic for July 23, 2011

Hebrews 2:8-9
In putting everything under Christ, God left nothing that is not subject to Him. Yet at present, we do not see everything subject to Him. But we see Jesus…

God left nothing that is not subject to Him (Jesus). That is the goal; the way things in the future will be in the whole world. Yet at present we do not see everything subject to Him. That is the situation now. Our task, then, is to move from the present situation to the goal of extending His Kingdom. Our work is to proclaim the message of Christ so that some from every nation are persuaded to become His disciples and responsible members of His Church. In this way many who do not yet know Him will voluntarily bow the knee to Him before the day He returns to reign uncontested.

Pray that King Jesus will soon reign over the Hua Miao people in power and glory so that His Kingdom will come to them.

Hua Miao (hwa-meow)

As we have seen this month, there are many Miao groups in Asia. Among them are today’s subgroup, the Hua Miao. Besides living in China, they also reside in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and the U.S.A. They number 770,000 people.

Like other Hmong-speaking peoples, they enjoy music, festivals, and colorful clothing. They love to sing, tell stories, and dance. Stories are often told in poetry, put to music, and sung. They love to tell stories about weddings, especially about the bridegroom and his friends at a wedding banquet. The “skillful waiters” make sure the guests have plenty of pork, mutton, and wine. Thanks to missionaries, over the years the flood stories they tell have borrowed some elements from the biblical Genesis flood.
Like many aboriginal peoples of Asia, the Hua Miao are animists/polytheists, worshipping and placating a number of spirits, ghosts, and ancestors. Even so, there are about 1,000 believers among them. These believers have no Scripture, no gospel recordings, no Christian broadcasts, and no JESUS Film. Due to isolation and cultural and age barriers, it is difficult to reach this people group. Only about one in 700 of them are Christ followers, according to Operation China. 
Pray that the few believers will be discipled by believers from other Miao groups or by missionaries.

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Pray that the Bible will soon be available in their language in print and audiovisual format. Pray that many Hua Miao will become part of Christ’s Bride, the Church.

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