Daily Topic for July 04, 2011

1 Timothy 4:12
Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity.

Many of those today whose lives are focused on frontier missions are young people. Sometimes older Christians may lightly dismiss the enthusiasm and commitment of youth and call it youthful vigor or naive idealism. God’s Word instructs us to learn from younger brothers and sisters as well as the elderly.

Pray for younger people who are seeking to lead their generation in obeying the Great Commission. Pray that God will use their energetic youthful vigor for His glory.

Hmong Shuad (hmong-Shoo-ah)

Clouds broke over the verdant mountains of the Hmong Shuad village in Guizhou Province letting in streams of sunlight. There was an air of excitement as Shuad families were getting ready to leave on a 10-mile walk to a town where they would celebrate the Lusheng Festival. Women had layers of clothes on to show their wealth. Their enormous bouffant hairstyles were decorated with heavy red yarn. Teen girls had their beautiful new embroidered jackets tucked away in preparation for the dance when they would give them to the boy of their choice. The boys and men carried the Lushengs (reed bamboo-pipes) to play for the rain god and to impress the girls. Family members carried baskets filled with corn, rice, pork fat, chicken feet, hot spices, and enough coal for several barbeques. The Hmong Shuad people anticipated that the festival would result in a good harvest sent by the gods. They also hope that their older children would fall in love and get married.

An estimated 325,000 Hmong Shuad people live in southern China, with about 2,000 more residing in Vietnam. They have their own distinct language. The Chinese have named their subgroups after their hairdos which translate as “Lopsided Comb Miao,” “Flat Head Miao” and “Wooden Comb Miao.” Only a few of the Hmong Shuad have made a commitment to Christ, and some of these are attending Han Chinese churches close to where they live.

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Pray that God will open doors to bring these Hmong Shuad people to know Him as their only God.

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