Daily Topic for April 23, 2011

Luke 24:26
Did not the Christ have to suffer these things and then enter His glory?

One of the things we so often forget is that before there is glory, there is often suffering. We know that, like Christ, many of His servants are suffering in places like North Korea and Saudi Arabia for their faith. In many cases throughout Church history, the suffering of the saints has led to repentance and the extension of His Kingdom. You have heard it said that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church. So difficult to understand, but so true in our fallen world!

Pray that the unreached will be reached through the suffering of the saints, and that God will be glorified.

Hmong People in Paris

by PE

Grandfather Fu sniffed in disapproval. “Why do you take the baby out for someone else to care for? Why do you not stay home and teach her the Hmong way?” Mauo put on her high healed shoes and responded, “She is three now, and going to pre-school is mandatory here in Paris. She will learn a lot, and I can work. You know 90 percent of the Hmong work here. We are not the free-loading, welfare-taking immigrants like some.”

Every day Mauo left her high-rise apartment for the accounting job that keeps her until late evening. The local government will pick the toddler up and deliver her to another child-care center where she will be cared for until her mother returns to pick her up.

Thus, the traditions and culture of the Parisian Hmong are being diluted as they become assimilated into the culture, language and traditions of France. Their bodies and minds are on a government-sponsored assembly line.

But, what of their spirits? The traditional animist practices of fearing spirits around them might die out with Grandfather, but what then? In California, the Hmong people are now reached for Christ and, praise God, many of them are living for Him.

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Pray that the hearts of the Hmongs in Paris are also softened to the gospel of Jesus Christ and that His followers will be willing to work among them. Pray for believing Hmongs from California to go minister to those who live in Paris.

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