Daily Topic for May 12, 2011

Romans 10:1
Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for the Israelites is that they may be saved.

Here Paul was again showing his concern for his own people group, the zealous Jews of his day. His heart yearned for them, and he spent time on his knees in prayer for their salvation. This was in addition to his willingness to accept their punishment for rejecting Christ (Romans 9:3)! There are many peoples who need someone to go to them and pray for them. Right now, there is an alarming lack of believers willing to go to the Hindu Gujaratis in Texas and tell them about Jesus. Is there someone out there who cannot go as a foreign missionary, but wants to share Christ’s love with an unreached people group?

Pray for someone to faithfully minister to the Gujarati Patels who live in Western cities soo that they can hear the gospel and form a strong fellowship of believers.

Hindu Gujarati Patels in Houston

by EJD

Bimal sat wide-eyed in his fourth grade class taking in every word as his teacher droned on about nouns. Some students around him were pulling petty pranks and taking catnaps. Her back to the class, the teacher wrote “courage” on the chalkboard. “Is the word an abstract noun?” she asked.

While the teacher scanned her students, Bimal waved his hand with urgency, for he believed he knew the answer. The teacher bypassed him just like she always did and called on another student who didn’t even have his hand up. She has treated Bimal with disdain since the first day his mother had dropped him off at school on her way to work. She thought that he seemed too warn out to learn anything.

In the evenings when his father, a very successful software engineer, would ask him, “Beta, how was your day?” Bimal, who had spent the rest of the afternoon at a day-care facility, was too tired to tell his parents that he had had an awful day. His heavy eyelids closing, Bimal would simply mumble, “I had fun.”

Bimal’s Gujarati Patel parents had recently moved to Houston from Gujarat, a state in western India. Trying to make a niche for themselves in this new country, his parents were oblivious to the truth that their son was beginning to feel isolated and alienated from those around him.

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Pray that followers of Christ would reach out to these expatriate Gujaratis with love and acceptance.

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