Daily Topic for May 13, 2011

Romans 9:14
What then shall we say? Is God unjust? Not at all!

It seems unfair that people in the Western world would have such spiritual resources at their disposal while almost half of the world is hidden from the outreach of the church. About 500 million people speak a form of Hindi, the third largest language in the world after Mandarin and English. But fellowships in this language are very few and far between. Could it be that God is bringing Hindi speakers to places like Texas, where there is a strong church, so they can be reached with His truth?

Pray for the Church to rise to the occasion to take His Word to the Hindi speakers in Texas who are now their neighbors and live in places where the gospel is readily available.

Hindi Speakers in Austin

by EJD

After what seemed like a day that wouldn’t end, Kirti slumped on the couch, reaching for the remote-control. Parking his sedan in the garage, Arpit, Kirti’s husband, came in carrying a folder of receipts. Colorful scenes from a Hindi movie flashed on their T.V. Arpit’s sleepy eyes became agitated as he exclaimed, “I forgot to place orders for the lentils! Today we had four customers asking for some.” “Don’t worry, I ordered them,” Kirti replied. After an hour of watching television, they hobbled up stairs. Before going to sleep they checked on their cherubic three-year-old. Arpit’s mother, who was living with them, had tucked him in earlier that evening.

Arpit had inherited the grocery store from his father who had come to Austin nearly two decades ago from Indore, India, a region where Hindi is the common language. His father and mother had made every endeavor to help Arpit become a part of American society. Arpit played trombone in the school band. At the same time his parents encouraged him to be true to his Hindu roots. They regularly performed Hindu poojas (devotions) in the home. When it was time for Arpit to marry, his parents found a bride from India who speaks Hindi. Now Arpit and Kirti wish to raise their son to be assimilated into American society, but they hope he still preserves elements of the culture, like their devotion to Hindu gods.

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Pray that Christ’s followers would show the love of Christ to these devout Hindus.

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