Daily Topic for May 08, 2010

2 Samuel 22:3
The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation. He is my stronghold, my refuge and my savior—from violent men you save me.

The Himarima people desperately need a place of refuge. In today’s reading, it’s clear that they face abuse from those who live near them, and as a result, they might no longer survive as a people. Right now, their places of refuge from more powerful groups are the remote parts of the jungle. Though they need a physical place of refuge, they need a spiritual one as well. Christ is the only one who offers refuge from spiritual darkness.

Pray that somehow, Christ-bearers will reach these people who desperately need refuge.

Himarima People in Brazil

by AK

The Himarima people are lost people, spiritually and even physically. They live in total isolation in the Amazon Rainforest. The only way people became aware that they existed is an event that happened in 1986.
Ten Himarima Indians came looking for help from some river people. The two women were crying and looking with fright at the jungle. Their language was unknown, so there was little verbal communication. The people they sought help from sexually assaulted the two women and killed them. They also killed a teenager and one child. Two other children died from other causes. The four remaining children lived as slaves in the killers’ household.

Nobody has heard from the Himarima people since then. Certainly, God knows where they are. Recently, archaeologists have discovered the remains of an unknown civilization in the Amazon. Perhaps soon these lost people will be found.
There are undoubtedly many tribes like the Himarimas hidden in the Amazon River Basin. At this time, there are tribes that have no name and are known only by the river or tributary they live near. There must also be groups that are even more remote.

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Pray for the survival of these people who are dear to God’s heart. Ask God to lead loving Christians to them. Pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare their hearts and that one day we will meet some of the Himarima people in heaven.

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