Daily Topic for January 07, 2012

Proverbs 16:4
The Lord works out everything for His own ends—even the wicked for a day of disaster.

The world often seems to be out of control. Satan does all he can to kill, steal and destroy the lives of people everywhere, and man’s selfish, sinful nature plays right into this evil plan. But we have read the end of the Book, God’s Book, the Bible, and we know that He will prevail in the end. Shouldn’t we be concerned for those whose lives are heading towards disaster like the Hawiye Somalis?

Pray that the Holy Spirit will prompt your heart to pray for those heading towards disaster.

Hawiye Somalis

by JS

The history of Somalia is very complex and rife with conflicts between the many clans. No tribe or foreign power has been able to restore the basic security or infrastructure essential for daily life in Somalia. Warring factions seeking to control the country for their own good have torn Somalia apart. Personal greed for wealth and power, ineffective traditional leaders, and mutual distrust among Somalia’s tribes have all contributed to the inability for anyone to work together for the common good.
The largest Somali tribe is the Hawiye. During the last 50 or 60 years Hawiyes have been among the country’s most prominent heads of state, politicians, military personnel, and intellectuals. Some Hawiyes are also herdsmen from central and eastern Somalia who think only of their own interests.
While the Hawiyes have managed to dominate and rule some areas of the country, they have not been willing to use their influence to overcome the existing violence and terrorism that robs Somalia of any cooperative effort to provide for the welfare and education of its people. At present they have been unable to devise a functioning government that can offer a more hopeful future.

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Pray for a spiritual transformation of the Hawiye tribe that will lead them to use their power to take steps to reconcile warring factions in a spirit of self-sacrifice. Pray that in the face of the confusion, the Lord will bring “sound minds” and acceptance of Jesus to the Hawiye people.

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