Daily Topic for September 11, 2010

Genesis 13:2
Abraham had become very wealthy in livestock and in silver and gold.

God has no problem with people becoming wealthy. All throughout the Bible God raises people up to positions of power and influence. However, the purpose of this blessing must always be understood in the context in which God has placed it. He said to Abraham, I will bless you . . . and all peoples will be blessed through you (Genesis 12:2-3). We are God’s stewards and need to use any material blessings He has given us for the honor and glory of our wonderful God.

Pray that as God prospers the Christian Han Chinese throughout the world, they will give Him thanks by being a blessing to the unreached Chinese and non-Chinese peoples.

Han Chinese People in Sri Lanka

by NW

A small group of Han Chinese immigrated to Sri Lanka years ago. While they live in Sri Lanka, many do not participate in the cultural life of the island. The Han Chinese believe that their way of life and traditions are superior to all others. For this reason, instead of integrating with the Sri Lankans, they practice traditional Chinese customs. This is especially important to them in the areas of marriage and family. The parent’s want all their children to marry Han Chinese.

The Chinese have owned businesses all over the world for generations. They are a hard working, persevering people. Many work seven days a week, including holidays. Sometimes business owners conduct their business in the front of their building and the family home is located at the back of the same building.

Many Chinese in Sri Lanka quietly go about their life without Jesus Christ. Their religious beliefs are based on Buddhism, blended with Confucianism, Taoism and the belief that their ancestors’ spirits roam the earth after their death. Though there are many Han Chinese believers, few live in Sri Lanka.

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Pray for the Chinese in Sri Lanka to be released from spiritual bondage by the Savior. Pray for God to send Chinese believers to the Han Chinese in Sri Lanka.

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