Daily Topic for June 28, 2011

Colossians 1:5-6
...the gospel... has come to you. All over the world this gospel is producing fruit and growing.

What a thrill to know that the gospel continues to bear fruit throughout the world! What a confirmation that the power of the gospel does not lie in human ingenuity! Today one of the greatest forces in spreading the gospel is the wave of developing world missionaries who are crossing cultural barriers to proclaim Christ. Their testimony, added to that of their Western colleagues, is producing fruit in people group after people group.

Pray that Asian missionaries will overcome any difficulties that they may face in moving out and sharing Christ with peoples who have never heard the gospel.

Hakka Chinese People of Cambodia

by PE

“You have had the gospel for upwards of 1800 years; we have had it for only eight days.… You must therefore bear with us for the present, and we will gradually improve. We are determined to uproot idolatry and plant Christianity in its place.”

So said the Hakka leader Chung Wang, in the 1800s as he implored missionaries to have patience with his people. At that time there were nearly 500,000 Hakka Chinese in Cambodia. Because of past wars, there are only about 28,000 of these people in Cambodia today. Though there are Hakka believers elsewhere, less than one percent of those living in Cambodia follow Christ. The rest are non-religious or practice Chinese folk religions.

Characteristically, the Hakkas have been folk dentists, shoemakers or Chinese medicine merchants. Today many Hakka families have started the popular noodle shops that line city streets in Cambodia. Hakka noodles, or Hakka Mee, are yellow noodles topped by minced chicken or pork and condiments. Hakka food is so delicious there are now Hakka Chinese restaurants dotting the West.

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Pray that the hearts and minds of the Hakka people in Cambodia will be opened to the good news of Jesus. Pray that the Bible translation they already have will be widely distributed and accepted. Pray that the business-minded Hakka will recognize that they have the chance to glorify their Creator by dedicating their lives and their shops to the ways of Jesus Christ.

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