Daily Topic for June 27, 2011

Galatians 4:7, 8
So you are no longer a slave, but a son…. Formerly, when you did not know God, you were slaves to those who by nature are not gods.

Many argue against missionary work today by pointing out that it can cause lives to be disrupted by changing their religion. Paul rightly argued that bringing the good news of the gospel changes lives. It liberates men and women from cruel slavery to gods that are not gods. Modern believers often do not realize the torturing fear of spirits that many peoples like the Hainanese feel. Only Christ can deliver them from this fear. Only He can set them free to worship and serve the living and true God.

Pray that the Lord will help us to see the people groups of this world with His eyes!

Hainanese People in Cambodia

by CN

“They purposely cut their tongues?” asked someone in the congregation.

“Yes,” the visiting speaker answered, “The Hainanese people worship a territorial spirit called Bentougong. Their worship ceremonies involve spirit possession and tongue cutting. After slicing their tongues, they lick pieces of paper that have a symbol of fortune or blessing. They then hang this amulet above the door of their homes or in their shops. They believe that Bentougong will then bless their families and businesses with good luck and prosperity.”

The Hainanese migrated to Cambodia more than 500 years ago from one of China’s southern islands. They settled in Kampot Province on the Cambodian coast. Originally they came as farmers, establishing large pepper plantations. Later, they focused their attention on salt production.

Today many Hainanese people still live in Kampot Province. One can find a large number of them in Phnom Penh. They work hard, rarely taking time off from work. They have distinguished themselves as experts in the food catering business. Many manage coffee shops, Chinese noodle houses, and other businesses in the food industry. Parents encourage their children to study hard in school. With much of their time spent in school or at work, the Hainanese have little time for entertainment or socializing.

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Pray for believers in Cambodia to make friends with Hainanese people. Pray that God will break their bondage to the territorial spirit, Bentougong. Pray that the Hainanese will accept Jesus, their true God, and rely on the Holy Spirit for their blessing and prosperity.

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