Daily Topic for August 14, 2010

Psalm 96:3-4
Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples. For great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; he is to be feared above all gods.

From the 7th chapter of Revelation, we know that the day will come when some from every tribe, tongue and nation will declare Christ’s glory and worship before His throne. He is great, and worthy of praise! But at this time, most peoples, like the Gurungs mentioned in today’s article, fear gods that they believe control their daily lives.

Pray that the Gurung people will turn their backs on their ancient gods and declare the glory of the God of creation.

Gurung People

by PD

“I want to talk about the beautiful Gurung people of Nepal!” Mani, an honored Nepali writer and teacher residing in the United Sates, passionately continued his speech. “Gurungs are one of the most honest, dedicated, hard working people in the world. They have also established their legendary status as fierce warriors as the famous Gurkhas who served in the English and Indian armies. They have a very distinctive culture reflected in their personal appearance, language, festivals, rituals, and traditions. My wife is Gurung and she is beautiful. We both enjoyed those wonderful rodhi (village meeting house for Gurung young people) nights when we sang and danced. They have an uncommon high standard of hospitality and believe that ‘Guests are Gods.’”

The estimated 700,000 Gurungs mainly reside in central Nepal, although a number of young people have moved to cities seeking employment. Though some are leaving the farms, most still reside in villages and sustain themselves through agriculture.

Their religion is a blend of Buddhism (which is primary), Hinduism and their own distinct sacred scripture called Pye tan lyu tan. They combine Buddhism with Hindu festivals and gods. Animism is practiced among the Western Gurungs. A few Gurungs have become followers of Christ, especially those who reside in the cities.

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Pray that Christian Gurungs will receive the training, wisdom and protection they need to be trusted servants to lead many to the Lord. Pray that Buddhist Gurungs will understand what a difference Christ can make in their lives.

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